E-Feel iMotional

25.05.2009 26.06.2009

Video Journal for FAKEYOU

soundmuseum.fm, Berlin

Curated by Simon Guzylack

"I just rose up on the wrong side of SOMETHING I'm in the WORST meta-state right now. UH the global lighting in here sucks I'm sorry I told my mom I wanted the specular turned WAY higher with a gloss of 70%-GOD! So I made this quick-tune on found-sound and its THRASHING pandemonium on my ascendant right now. Last night the DJ was playing the best song ever! I was trying out this new move that I saw on a stream about native witches, yeah I called it like unidentified-venus-lilac, it was so hot, so I was rolling around on the floor and- hold on , hello can you hear me, is this thing working hello hi can you hear me hello hi, is this thing working hello? can I call you back I'm doing something, where was I oh- OK hi OK yes I'm ready OK hello? OK I'm ready I erased your chaos log, it was too controlled. I need to let you in on your life, its really superstential, hello can you hear me is this thing on hello?? Maybe we trine! My god age is 14, but I'm an agnostic 46. My aura has evolved 3 colors in just 2 months! With over 40 thousand crystals, you too can collect the new astral plane physicist book. I don't even know what to say anymore I'm not going dancing tonight that's it I haven't even done my makeup! I'm meeting my Goth-father after school today to get a corset fitting and I'm really excited about it, REALLY... so last night I was melting in to a semi-permanent thought-spirit, when I get the WORST apparitional text on my automatic sticky pad! my familiar told me this would happen but I totally didn't expect it right now. Basically my reading from last week matched my chart and cancelled out the dream work I was using to crack this html homework I'm just so tired of it. I'm supposed to go shopping with Grossella tonight, make that two hours! I haven't even gotten ready yet, for a night of finger-binding! I haven't even gotten mine in from the mail that I ordered. Come to our new area its located just beneath the- while you were busy lucid reading, I slept in your pineal gland and extended your astral rope, hold on to me now I'm not done. I'm currently a student of quantum geometry and live just outside of HD8. People at school hate me but its only because my soul is darker than theirs' and they're SO jealous! I found this on the back of your 3rd eye, I thought you should know about it, it was blocking your aura- this bpm is killing me. I think I mixed the wrong thing... does this taste metaphysical to you? its just a simple workout video, 3 times a day-once in the morning, once at night, and once in the astral plane. you too can have this new perspective. I'm all about the non-divine yet merely enlightened. I'm only going to tell you this once, how many shadows am I holding, can you tell? hello are you there is this thing on uh? My interests include casting, binding, braiding, and banishing. life goal...achieving photosynthesis. look into the mirror, look into the mirror now, I need you now look into the mirror wait don't loose me yet look into the mirror. I left a sigil for you in the shower, don't forget to feed sphinx. The next time I materialize you better have a high-def living space I hate coming into a room with low-res textures, its not flattering. I know 62% of myself so I'm looking to meet that special someone who will bring me up to at least a 90. I'm really laid back, like basically lucid dreaming as we speak. Join now. I found an old hieroglyphics live journal, in your RECYCLE bin? I thought you were grounded from B.C.E., have you been projecting without me? Is this thing working hello? You should really think about optimizing your settings, your Jupiter is coming and its all about options in this cycle. Look closely focus 10 FOCUS 10 look closely now I need you. You have 9 readings in your cue you haven't even read the last chart I sent you. Something major's pending, make sure you wear something topaz in your clothing folder, hello!? OK, I'm leaving your psychic bubble, I'm over it. hello? BYE I'm out. I deleted my other dimensional hologram so this is definitely the right quantum hub for me right now. I'm a thinking variable so I need a controlled feeler. Lets up the contrast on this meta-life! You can invoke thee at 617-boforzath. By following our guide, you too can become a brand new witch.