Demiurge in The Cupboard,

Circusology of Native Leadership


Created over a 3 year period, this feature length film gives character to the Center for Cognitive Chaos & Astral Physics Research. Governed by archetypal beings, the Center's 19 ZONES have been reinstalled on Earth, allowing Humanity a dimensional Reset, opening astral doorways and complex multi-universal topics.

Bradley Benedetti/Erin Young/David Presper Watson/Emily Withers/Leeanne Williams/Eugene Tan

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Curated by Brian Droitcour, March 15 – 29, 2012

"Image Sea_Rch: Demiurge in the Cupboard (2012) presents viewers with a cauldron [of] partially randomized sequences [and] images swimming inside. The cauldron wears the four colors of Google’s logo—red, yellow, green, and blue—taking the palette from an icon and building a chalice from it. The three-dimensional reconfiguration refreshes the concept of image search to suggest ritual, mystical aspects of an everyday habit. Benedetti takes a pre-modern, shamanistic view of the world, which manifests itself in his art as attempts at reaching harmony and understanding with animals, plants, and inorganic substances. In Image Sear_Rch it posits the encounter with information technology as a communion with radical otherness. The cauldron of Image Sea_Rch is an object that figures prominently in Benedetti’s Demiurge in the Cupboard, a nonlinear video epic set in a post-3D world. The artist’s bedroom becomes a constantly resetting interface for receiving representatives of other species, whose avatars communicate with hieroglyphic branding. The cauldron, a symbol of the demiurge as well as a divination tool in pagan cultures, is the slightly chaotic means of googling and contacting these alien ambassadors. Having worked in videogame design, Benedetti is deeply familiar with the principles by which images, narrative, and systems come together to absorb players in an onscreen world. His artwork reimagines these relationships from the ground up, with a wonder at the power of signs and the unknowability of nature. "

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Demiurge in the Cupboard, Circusology of Native Leadership Piece1 from Bradley Benedetti on Vimeo.

Demiurge in the Cupboard, Circusology of Native Leadership Piece6 from Bradley Benedetti on Vimeo.

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