2/19/10 at 2.22pm until 2/22/10 at 2.22am

Durational performance with holographic projection

In collaboration with Sandrine Schaefer

MEME gallery USA

What does a sandman do during the day? Is he a Phantom worker of the astral realm? How do you visually capture this being out on the job?

The act of remnant energy and astral work in a single location was explored through daytime actions and nighttime projections. Over three days, Schaefer and Benedetti performed actions of incremented motions and speed, recreating a sandman's slow daytime hours, to reserve energy for busy nightly work, such as moving a wheelbarrow of sand to and from locations in the astral plane. Each daytime activity was then displayed as a hologram at the moment the sun went down until it came up the next day.